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  1. The implementation of blood flow restriction (BFR) during exercise is becoming an increasingly useful adjunct method in both athletic and rehabilitative settings. Advantages in pairing BFR with training can be...

    Authors: Man Tong Chua, Alexiaa Sim and Stephen Francis Burns
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:122
  2. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, matches and soccer-specific training were suspended for several weeks, matches after resumption were congested, and substitutions per team and game increased from three to five.

    Authors: Maximiliane Thron, Peter Düking, Sascha Härtel, Alexander Woll and Stefan Altmann
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:121
  3. In swimming, the beneficial effects of the in-water warm-up are often undermined by the long transition periods before competition (≥ 20 min). For that reason, studies comparing the effects of in-water warm-up...

    Authors: Francisco Cuenca-Fernández, Daniel Boullosa, Óscar López-Belmonte, Ana Gay, Jesús Juan Ruiz-Navarro and Raúl Arellano
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:120
  4. Molecular Exercise Physiology and Omics approaches represent an important step toward synthesis and integration, the original essence of Physiology. Despite the significant progress they have introduced in Exe...

    Authors: Natàlia Balagué, Robert Hristovski, Maricarmen Almarcha, Sergi Garcia-Retortillo and Plamen Ch. Ivanov
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:119
  5. For more than a century, many concepts and several theories and principles pertaining to the goals, organization, methodology and evaluation of the effects of resistance training (RT) have been developed and d...

    Authors: Juan José González-Badillo, Luis Sánchez-Medina, Juan Ribas-Serna and David Rodríguez-Rosell
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:118
  6. High cumulative external and internal load may predispose athletes to increased risk for injury across a variety of sports, competition levels, and age groups. However, evidence of an association between cumul...

    Authors: Katie Sniffen, Kemba Noel-London, Melody Schaeffer and Oluwatoyosi Owoeye
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:117
  7. There is debate about the magnitude of geometrical remodeling [i.e., left ventricle (LV) cavity enlargement vs. wall thickening] in the heart of elite athletes, and no limits of normality have been yet establishe...

    Authors: Araceli Boraita, Leonel Díaz-Gonzalez, Pedro L. Valenzuela, María-Eugenia Heras, Francisco Morales-Acuna, Adrián Castillo-García, María J. Lucia, Pedro Suja, Alejandro Santos-Lozano and Alejandro Lucia
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:116
  8. Individuals with severe mental disorders (SMDs; schizophrenia spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder) are not only suffering from their mental conditions; they also have an attenua...

    Authors: Mathias Forsberg Brobakken, Mona Nygård and Eivind Wang
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:115
  9. The aim of this study was to provide a theoretical model to predict the vertical loading rate (VLR) at different slopes and speeds during incline running.

    Authors: Marcel Lemire, Mathieu Falbriard, Kamiar Aminian, Eloïse Pavlik, Grégoire P. Millet and Frédéric Meyer
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:114
  10. There is a need to develop strategies that could contribute to the physical and mental preparation of motorsport athletes. A common method used by experienced motorsport athlete physical trainers is flashing l...

    Authors: Dávid Horváth, János Négyesi, Tamás Győri, Botond Szűcs, Péter János Tóth, Zsolt Matics, Csaba Ökrös, Sándor Sáfár, Nikolett Szabó, Beáta Takács, Róbert Kathy, Klára Tóth, David P. Ferguson, Ryoichi Nagatomi and Levente Rácz
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:113
  11. Running-related injuries are prevalent among distance runners. Changing step rate is a commonly used running retraining strategy in the management and prevention of running-related injuries.

    Authors: Laura M. Anderson, Joel F. Martin, Christian J. Barton and Daniel R. Bonanno
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:112
  12. Overall life expectancy continues to rise, approaching 80 years of age in several developed countries. However, healthy life expectancy lags far behind, which has, in turn, contributed to increasing costs in h...

    Authors: Marlies Schellnegger, Alvin C. Lin, Niels Hammer and Lars-Peter Kamolz
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:111
  13. Protein supplementation augments muscle strength gain during resistance training. Although some studies focus on the dose-response relationship of total protein intake to muscle mass or strength, the detailed ...

    Authors: Ryoichi Tagawa, Daiki Watanabe, Kyoko Ito, Takeru Otsuyama, Kyosuke Nakayama, Chiaki Sanbongi and Motohiko Miyachi
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:110
  14. Physical activity is essential in acquiring healthy lifestyle behaviors in the early years of maturational development and preventing various diseases. Resistance training (RT) is fundamental for improving bod...

    Authors: Bruno Ribeiro, Pedro Forte, Raquel Vinhas, Daniel A. Marinho, Luís B. Faíl, Ana Pereira, Fernando Vieira and Henrique P. Neiva
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:109

    The Letter to the Editor to this article has been published in Sports Medicine - Open 2023 9:9

    The Letter to this article has been published in Sports Medicine - Open 2023 9:12

  15. A growing body of literature is available regarding the effects of plyometric jump training (PJT) on measures of physical fitness (PF) and sport-specific performance (SSP) in-water sports athletes (WSA, i.e. t...

    Authors: Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Alejandro Perez-Castilla, Rohit K. Thapa, José Afonso, Filipe Manuel Clemente, Juan C. Colado, Eduardo Saéz de Villarreal and Helmi Chaabene
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:108
  16. Despite the growing global participation of females in basketball and number of studies conducted on the topic, no research has summarized the external and internal load variables encountered by female basketb...

    Authors: Cody J. Power, Jordan L. Fox, Vincent J. Dalbo and Aaron T. Scanlan
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:107
  17. Commonly used clinical posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tests present with diagnostic weaknesses requiring alternative clinical tests. The Lateral-Anterior Drawer test (LAD-test) is a suggested alternative th...

    Authors: Gesine H. Seeber, Christoph Thalhamer, Omer C. Matthijs, Wolfgang Doskar, Phillip S. Sizer Jr. and Djordje Lazovic
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:106
  18. Strength training (ST) is commonly used to improve muscle strength, power, and neuromuscular adaptations and is recommended combined with runner training. It is possible that the acute effects of the strength ...

    Authors: Gustavo Ivo de Carvalho e Silva, Leandro Henrique Albuquerque Brandão, Devisson dos Santos Silva, Micael Deivison de Jesus Alves, Felipe J. Aidar, Matheus Santos de Sousa Fernandes, Ricardo Aurélio Carvalho Sampaio, Beat Knechtle and Raphael Fabricio de Souza
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:105
  19. The Child Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 5th Edition (Child SCAT5) was developed to evaluate children between 5 and 12 years of age for a suspected concussion. However, limited empirical evidence exists demo...

    Authors: Nicholas K. Erdman, Patricia M. Kelshaw, Samantha L. Hacherl and Shane V. Caswell
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:104
  20. To evaluate (1) the feasibility of an audit-feedback intervention to facilitate sports science journal policy change, (2) the reliability of the Transparency of Research Underpinning Social Intervention Tiers ...

    Authors: Harrison J. Hansford, Aidan G. Cashin, Matthew K. Bagg, Michael A. Wewege, Michael C. Ferraro, Sina Kianersi, Evan Mayo-Wilson, Sean P. Grant, Elaine Toomey, Ian W. Skinner, James H. McAuley, Hopin Lee and Matthew D. Jones
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:101
  21. Blended care interventions combine therapeutic guidance with digital care. Current research results show the promising role of the blended care approach in clinical care. This new way of delivering health care...

    Authors: Vivien Hohberg, Reinhard Fuchs, Markus Gerber, David Künzler, Sarah Paganini and Oliver Faude
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:100
  22. Anterior knee pain (AKP) is one of the most common conditions to bring active young patients to a sports injury clinic. It is a heterogeneous condition related to multiple causative factors. Compared to the ge...

    Authors: Riccardo D’Ambrosi, Amit Meena, Akshya Raj, Nicola Ursino and Timothy E. Hewett
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:98
  23. Ageing affects metabolic flexibility, although physical status could influence this relationship. This cross-sectional study aims to describe and analyse the metabolic flexibility/inflexibility in a group of a...

    Authors: Jordi Monferrer-Marín, Ainoa Roldán, Pablo Monteagudo, Iván Chulvi-Medrano and Cristina Blasco-Lafarga
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:97
  24. Undulatory underwater swimming (UUS) has become an integral component of the start and turn phases in competitive swimming allowing higher velocities than can be achieved swimming at the surface. An understand...

    Authors: Rani West, Anna Lorimer, Simon Pearson and Justin W. L. Keogh
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:95
  25. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a shift in healthcare towards telehealth delivery, which presents challenges for exercise physiology services. We aimed to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the re...

    Authors: Patrick J. Owen, Shelley E. Keating, Christopher D. Askew, Kelly M. Clanchy, Paul Jansons, Ralph Maddison, Andrew Maiorana, Jenna McVicar, Suzanne Robinson and Niamh L. Mundell
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:94
  26. The consumption of yerba mate (YM), a source of antioxidants, in a fasted state increases fatty acid oxidation (FATox) during low–moderate-intensity exercise and improves performance in high-intensity exercise. H...

    Authors: Thaiana C. Krolikowski, Fernando K. Borszcz, Vilma P. Panza, Laura M. Bevilacqua, Sarah Nichele, Edson L. da Silva, Renata D. M. C. Amboni, Luiz G. A. Guglielmo, Stuart M. Phillips, Ricardo D. de Lucas and Brunna C. B. Boaventura
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:93
  27. Military populations, including fast jet aircrew (FJA - aka fighter aircrew/pilots), commonly suffer from musculoskeletal complaints, which reduce performance and operational capability. Valid surveillance too...

    Authors: James Wallace, Peter Osmotherly, Tim Gabbett, Wayne Spratford, Theo Niyonsenga and Phil Newman
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:92
  28. The risk of injury in adolescent handball is high, and shoulder and knee injuries are among the most frequent and burdensome. The Swedish Knee Control programme reduced the risk of anterior cruciate ligament inju...

    Authors: Martin Asker, Martin Hägglund, Markus Waldén, Henrik Källberg and Eva Skillgate
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:91
  29. As type 2 diabetes remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality, identifying the most appropriate preventive treatment early in the development of disease is an important public health matter. In general...

    Authors: Katherine A. Collins, Leanna M. Ross, Cris A. Slentz, Kim M. Huffman and William E. Kraus
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:90
  30. There is growing understanding of mental health needs in elite athletes, but less is known about the mental health of coaches and support staff who work within elite sport settings. This study examined the pre...

    Authors: Vita Pilkington, Simon M. Rice, Courtney C. Walton, Kate Gwyther, Lisa Olive, Matt Butterworth, Matti Clements, Gemma Cross and Rosemary Purcell
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:89
  31. Flexibility is an important component of physical fitness for competitive and recreational athletes. It is generally suggested that flexibility training should start from childhood (6–11 years of age) to optim...

    Authors: Olyvia Donti, Andreas Konrad, Ioli Panidi, Petros C. Dinas and Gregory C. Bogdanis
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:88
  32. Inertial measurement units (IMUs) are useful in monitoring running and alerting running-related injuries in various sports settings. However, the quantitative summaries of the validity and reliability of the m...

    Authors: Ziwei Zeng, Yue Liu, Xiaoyue Hu, Meihua Tang and Lin Wang
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:86
  33. Movement variability is defined as the normal variations in motor performance across multiple repetitions of a task. However, the term “movement variability” can mean different things depending on context, and...

    Authors: Jake Cowin, Sophia Nimphius, James Fell, Peter Culhane and Matthew Schmidt
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:85
  34. Bilirubin is a potent endogenous antioxidant and immunomodulating substance, which is also implicated in both cell signalling and various metabolic pathways. Mild elevation of systemic bilirubin concentrations...

    Authors: Jana Woronyczová, Miroslava Nováková, Martin Leníček, Miloš Bátovský, Emil Bolek, Renata Cífková and Libor Vítek
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:84
  35. There is a paucity of data on cardiovascular sequelae of asymptomatic/mildly symptomatic SARS-Cov-2 infections (COVID).

    Authors: Laurent Chevalier, Hubert Cochet, Saagar Mahida, Sylvain Blanchard S, Antoine Benard, Tanguy Cariou, Soumaya Sridi-Cheniti, Samy Benhenda, Stéphane Doutreleau, Stéphane Cade, Sylvain Guerard, Jean-Michel Guy, Pascale Trimoulet, Stéphane Picard, Bernard Dusfour, Aurelie Pouzet…
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:83
  36. Scientific and public interest in the potential ergogenic effects of sodium alginate added to a carbohydrate (CHO) beverage has increased in the last ~ 5 years. Despite an extensive use of this technology by e...

    Authors: Shaun Sutehall, Borja Muniz-Pardos, Andrew Bosch and Yannis Pitsiladis
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:82
  37. No previous systematic review has quantitatively compared the effects of resistance training, endurance training, or concurrent training on hormonal adaptations in children and adolescents. Objective was to ex...

    Authors: Daniel Jansson, Ann-Sofie Lindberg, Elena Lundberg, Magnus Domellöf and Apostolos Theos
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:81
  38. The aim of this work was to investigate the serum amino acid (AA) changes after a breath-hold diving (BH-diving) training session under several aspects including energy need, fatigue tolerance, nitric oxide (N...

    Authors: Danilo Cialoni, Andrea Brizzolari, Nicola Sponsiello, Valentina Lancellotti, Gerardo Bosco, Alessandro Marroni and Alessandra Barassi
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:80
  39. Many elite athletes have suboptimal sleep duration and efficiency, potentially due to factors that may impact sleep onset and offset times. Variability in sleep onset and offset may negatively influence sleep....

    Authors: Shona L. Halson, Rich D. Johnston, Laura Piromalli, Benita J. Lalor, Stuart Cormack, Gregory D. Roach and Charli Sargent
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:79
  40. Physical effort in sports practice is an important trigger for urinary incontinence (UI). Among high-impact sports, all track and field events require continuous ground impacts and/or abdominal contractions th...

    Authors: Elena Sonsoles Rodríguez-López, María Barbaño Acevedo-Gómez, Natalia Romero-Franco, Ángel Basas-García, Christophe Ramírez-Parenteau, Sofía Olivia Calvo-Moreno and Juan Carlos Fernández-Domínguez
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:78
  41. The individual determinants of food choice have been extensively investigated in the general population, but there have been limited studies in athletes. A better understanding of the food making decisions can...

    Authors: Fiona E. Pelly, Rachael L. Thurecht and Gary Slater
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:77
  42. While exercise training (ET) is an established tool in heart failure (HF), no research to date has analysed the efficacy of ET in both preserved (HFpEF) and reduced (HFrEF) ejection fraction phenotypes across ...

    Authors: Jamie J. Edwards and Jamie M. O’Driscoll
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:76
  43. Breaststroke is a technically complex stroke characterised by discontinuous propulsive phases, large intracyclic velocity variation and low mean velocity. The performance of this stroke at an elite level is in...

    Authors: Emily Nicol, Simon Pearson, David Saxby, Clare Minahan and Elaine Tor
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:75
  44. Patellar tendinopathy is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems associated with sport. While commonly perceived as a predominantly male problem, recent epidemiological studies revealed that it also af...

    Authors: Camilla Mondini Trissino da Lodi, Maria Paola Landini, Emanuela Asunis and Giuseppe Filardo
    Citation: Sports Medicine - Open 2022 8:74

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