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Table 1 Example of the condensation-abstraction process for the category: Coaching on the players’ terms

From: Easier in Practice Than in Theory: Experiences of Coaches in Charge of Community-Based Soccer Training for Men with Prostate cancer—A Descriptive Qualitative Study

Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Code Subcategory Category
Example 1
Because they can easily get something out of it at their level, and our most important task as coaches is to identify that level and help them get something out of it [C11]
Important task to find a balance and ensure that everyone, despite differences in age and physical ability can participate in sports Important aspects of the role as an FCPC coach Adjusting the program to fit the players’ needs and to support adherence Coaching on the players’ terms
Example 2
And that socially we also have time to talk to each other, on the field that is. It’s not so much a question of being the winner that counts when we play against each other, it’s more the togetherness that matters [C3]
Social cohesion is incredibly important, which means that as a coach you also have to make the time for it during practice The social community Facilitating social community