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Table 4 Likelihood of risk factors associated with MTSS for 17 articles included in the systematic review

From: Are Leg Muscle, Tendon and Functional Characteristics Associated with Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome? A Systematic Review

Likely Possible Not associated
Decreased lean leg girth [10] Deficit in ankle plantar flexor endurance [12] Leg tendon abnormality [38]
Higher peak SOL muscle activity during propulsion [37] Greater isokinetic concentric eversion strength [11] MVIC strength of leg muscle groups [17, 21]
Increased shear modulus of leg muscles [13, 22]
Altered neuromuscular recruitment strategies [15, 19]
  1. MTSS, Medial tibial stress syndrome; MVIC, Maximal voluntary isometric contraction; SOL, Soleus