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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Physical Activity Following Hip Arthroscopy in Young and Middle-Aged Adults: A Systematic Review

Participants18–50 years (Average age to fall in this range)▪ Evidence of OA (> 10% of cohort with Tönnis grade 2 and above or joint space width of > 2 mm)
 ▪ Dysplasia (LCEA mean for cohort < 20° &/or > 10% of the group with LCEA < 20°)
InterventionPrimary hip arthroscopy▪ Secondary hip arthroscopy
 ▪ Arthroscopy following hip joint arthroplasty
 ▪ Studies in which arthroscopic and open procedures are combined
 ▪ Studies in which primary focus is non-articular surgery
 ▪ Studies in which periarticular osteotomy forms part of the procedure
Study typesLevel IV evidence or above (RCT; prospective and retrospective observational studies)▪ Case series < 5 participants
 ▪ Published abstracts and non-peer-reviewed studies
 ▪ Non-English language papers
OutcomesReport change in physical activity and/or volume of sport participation▪ Papers solely reporting prevalence of return to sport/return to play and/or sport-specific measures such as number of goals scored/career length
 ▪ Return to work (including military service)
 ▪ PROMs in which physical activity-related outcomes do not exceed normal activities of daily living
  1. OA osteoarthritis, LCEA lateral centre edge angle, PROM patient-reported outcome measure, RCT randomised controlled trial