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Table 9 The results of ANCOVA to assess the influence of walking durations and covariate factors on the indicator of emotional pain among total participants

From: The Impact of Health Consciousness on the Association Between Walking Durations and Mental Health Conditions After a Disaster: a Cross-Sectional Study

Factor Sum Sq Df F value Pr (> F)
Emotional pain     
 Age 15.97 5 3.49 0.004**
 Gender 0.49 1 0.54 0.46
 Alcohol drinking habits 0.48 1 0.53 0.47
 Walking durations 1.65 2 0.90 0.41
  1. The table shows the results of the analyses of covariance (ANCOVA) to assess the influence of walking durations, as well as age, gender, and alcohol drinking habits as covariate factors, on the indicator of feeling emotional pain by seeing signs related to a disaster or the landscape of the sea (emotional pain) among total participants
  2. Sum Sq sum of squares, Df degrees of freedom, Pr probability
  3. Significance level: **p < 0.01