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Table 5 Summary of included reviews investigating 'adherence and outcome’

From: The Influence, Barriers to and Facilitators of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation Adherence and Participation: a Scoping Review

Author (year) Review type Dates Methodological quality No. Included original studies Conclusion
Christino et al. (2015) [58] Non-systematic Not specified Not assessed N/A Positive correlation
Mendonza et al. (2007) [59] Systematic Until 2006 Not assessed 3 Inconclusive
te Wierike et al. (2013) [60] Systematic 2001–2011 Good 1 Positive correlation
  1. Methodological quality refers to the outcome or presence of a quality appraisal undertaken by the review not the authors of this study. The conclusion stated is that of the included review in reference to the correlation between adherence and rehabilitation outcome. The number of original studies is only those included in each review in the evaluation of adherence and outcome