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Table 5 Sub-tests predicting concussion, logistic regression model odds ratios

From: The performance of the World Rugby Head Injury Assessment Screening Tool: a diagnostic accuracy study

Sub-testOdds RatioStandard errorzp value95% LCL95% UCL
Baseline thresholds
 Maddocks questions1.
 Immediate memorya
 Digits backwards1.90.43.5<
 Tandem gaita
 Delayed recall1.80.33.4<
 Clinical signs6.91.68.6< 0.014.510.8
Normative thresholds
 Maddocks questionsa
 Immediate memorya
 Digits backwards1.90.33.7<
 Tandem gaita
 Delayed recall3.70.95.3<
 Clinical signs6.61.58.6< 0.014.310.1
  1. LCL lower confidene limit, UCL upper confidence limit
  2. aExcluded from final prediction model