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Table 1 Constituent sub-tests in the HIA01 off-field screening tool

From: The performance of the World Rugby Head Injury Assessment Screening Tool: a diagnostic accuracy study

Sub-testDomainDescriptionScore rangeaThreshold for abnormality
Maddock’s questionsOrientation•What venue are we at today?
•Which half is it now?
•Who scored last in this match?
•What team did you play last week/game?
•Did your team win the last game?
0–5< 5
Immediate memoryCognitionRemembering a list of 5 words in 3 trials0–15< 12 or less than baseline
Digits backwardsCognitionRepeating word strings (increasing from 3- to 6-word lengths) in reverse order0–4< 3 or less than baseline
Tandem gaitBalance6 m line heel-to-toe gait along a straight lineContinuous> 14 s
Symptom checklistSymptoms•Do you have a headache?
•Do you have any dizziness?
•Do you have any ‘pressure in your head’?
•Do you feel nauseated or do you feel like vomiting?
•Do you have any blurred vision?
•Does the light or noise worry you?
•Do you feel as though you are slowing down?
•Do you feel like you are ‘in a fog’?
•Do you feel unwell?
0–9> 0
Delayed RecallCognitionRemembering previous list of 5 words in any order0–5< 3 or less than baseline
Clinical signsSubjective signs of a possible concussion•Emotional - sad, anxious, nervous, irritable
•Difficulty concentrating
•Doctor suspects possible concussion for other reasons.
0–1> 0
  1. aHigh score represents better performance for all tests except symptoms and clinical signs