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Table 2 Frequency of interventions based on design and overall data on strategies, support, and delivery

From: A Systematic Review and Qualitative Synthesis Resulting in a Typology of Elementary Classroom Movement Integration Interventions

R-T Collaboration
 Physical environment80008
 Academically infused0671730
 Movement break3831024
Support: training
 Yes, by Researcher/Experts (before impl.)2581732
 Yes, by School Staff/Adm. (before impl.)14038
 Yes, but unclear by whom01102
 Ongoing (after impl.)*162514
 Not required/provided3111318
 Not reported/missing440412
Support: duration of training
 < 1 h10113
 Up to a school day (between 6 and 8 h)043411
 > a school day01102
 Not required/provided312511
 Not reported/missing6932745
Support: resources
 Desk/chairs/stability balls90009
 Fitness equipment15028
 Lessons plans/cards/manuals1491832
 Not required141612
 Not reported/missing040913
Delivery: intensity/type of PA#
 Not reported/missing00044
Dose per day
 < 10 min045514
 10–20 min0521724
 21–35 min212712
 > 35 min (50–90 min)23027
 Throughout the day (no specific dose)60006
 Not reported/missing02169
Duration of intervention
 Acute (< 1 week)210811
 2–3 weeks01001
 1–6 months3431323
 7–11 months553518
 1–3 years012811
 Not reported/missing03104
 Teacher log043714
 Activity monitor11035
 Not reported/missing3821427
  1. #as assessed by the researchers based on content provided; *independent of other categories; Impl., implementation; MVPA, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity; FMS, fundamental motor skills