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Table 3 Summary of treatment, time, and interaction effects in main performance, perceptive, and haematological variables

From: The Psychophysiological Regulation of Pacing Behaviour and Performance Fatigability During Long-Distance Running with Locomotor Muscle Fatigue and Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Highly Trained Runners

  1. * = performance fatigability is indicated by the relative percentage increase in split times during ITT compared to CTT and assessed via one-way repeated measures ANOVA. (*) = blood interleukin-6 concentrations violated the assumption of normal distribution and thus non-parametric ANOVA after aligned rank transformation was conducted. For details, see Additional file 1. Note: shaded areas significant at p < .05; TT = time trial; ITT = intervention time trial; CTT = control time trial; DJ = drop-jump protocol