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Table 1 A selection of commercially available full-body markerless systems

From: A Review of the Evolution of Vision-Based Motion Analysis and the Integration of Advanced Computer Vision Methods Towards Developing a Markerless System

Company Cameras Capture environments Integration with other biomechanical tools Real-time capacity
Captury Studio Ultimate
The Captury
Unlimited number with combination of resolutions No specific background necessary.
Can handle dynamic scenes and illumination changes, as long as sufficient contrast.
None. Applications primarily within entertainment Yes
Organic Motion
8–18 (120 fps in real-time) Laboratory-based Force plates and electromyography Yes
Shape 3D
Up to 8 high-speed colour cameras Can operate outdoors but stable background with good contrast is required Force plates, electromyography and pressure sensors No
  1. Information obtained from company web-pages (accessed July 2017)