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Table 5 An overview of the elements of physical literacy covered by assessments included within the physical domain

From: Assessments Related to the Physical, Affective and Cognitive Domains of Physical Literacy Amongst Children Aged 7–11.9 Years: A Systematic Review

Assessment tool Object control Stability Locomotor Movement skills—land Movement skills—water Moving using equipment Cardiovascular endurance Muscular endurance Coordination Flexibility Agility Strength Reaction Time Speed Power Rhythmic Aesthetic/expressive Sequencing Specific to an environment Progression (simple-complex)
Explicit physical literacy assessments
Physical domain
 Stability Skills                     
  1. ALPHA ALPHA Fitness Battery, AST Athletic Skills Track ½, BOTMP-SF Bruininks–Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, EUROFIT, FG FITNESSGRAM, GSPA Golf Swing and Putt skill Assessment, MOBAK-3 Motorische Basiskompetenzen in der 3, MABC2 Movement assessment battery for children-2, MUGI Motorisk Utveckling som Grund för Inlärning, OP Obstacle Polygon, PARAGON PA Research and Assessment tool for Garden Observation, SEBT Star Excursion Balance Test, SS Stability skill test protocol, TGMD-3 Test of Gross Motor Development-3, YBT Y Balance Test, CAPL-2 Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy, PFL Passport for Life