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Table 3 Text “Lectura del Abuelo” and visual scale analog

From: Modified Talk Test: a Randomized Cross-over Trial Investigating the Comparative Utility of Two “Talk Tests” for Determining Aerobic Training Zones in Overweight and Obese Patients

Tex “Lectura El Abuelo” Visual Scale Analog
El Abuelo ¿Fue fácil o difícil hablar?
“Usted quiere saber sobre mi abuelo. Bueno, él tiene cerca de noventa y tres años de edad y aún piensa tan lúcidamente como siempre. Se viste solo, y se pone su vieja chaqueta negra que comúnmente, tiene varios botones negros” 1 Extremadamente fácil
2 – 3 Muy fácil
4 – 5 Levemente difícil
6 – 7 Difícil
8 – 9 Muy difícil
10 Extremadamente difícil
Grandfather Was easy or hard to talk?
“You want to know about my grandfather? Well, he is about ninety-three years old and still thinks as lucidly as ever. He dresses alone, and puts on his old black jacket, which usually has several buttons missing” 1 Extremely easy
2 – 3 Very easy
4 – 5 Slightly difficult
6 – 7 Hard
8 – 9 Very hard
10 Extremely hard