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Table 1 World championship sprint cycling events

From: Using Field Based Data to Model Sprint Track Cycling Performance

Event Description Race format
Team sprint Teams of 2 Women and 3 Men complete over 2 or 3 laps where position 1 leads for first lap and pulls aside to allow position 2 to take the lead for a lap, and for the men, a third lap is completed. N = 3 rides in 1 session (1/2 day)
• Qualifying round
• Round 1
• Final: gold and bronze Medals
Match sprint After a seeding round riders are matched, top seed vs. lowest seed through rounds in knockout rides. Each ride is over 3 laps where the riders jockey for position before racing to the line. From the quarter finals the knockout is from best of three rides. N = min 9 ride, max 12
• Seeding round
• 1st round
• 2nd round
• Quarter final (best of 3 rides)
• Semi final (best of 3)
• Final (best of 3)
Keirin Raced over 6 laps the first three are paced up to speed by a motorised cycle that pulls off the track with 3 laps to go and the rider race for placings. N = min of 4, max 5
• 1st round
• Repechage
• 2nd round
• Semi final
• Final and minor final
500-m (women)/1000-m (men) time trial Riders race against the clock for the distance. They start from a gate connected to the timing system. N = 2
• Qualifying
• Final