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Table 2 Incidence of injuries in soccer

From: Reducing Injuries in Soccer (Football): an Umbrella Review of Best Evidence Across the Epidemiological Framework for Prevention

Type of exposure Category of participation
Male elite youth Male professional adult Female youth and adult
Overall (range) 2.0–19.4 injuries/1000 h 2.5–9.4 injuries/1000 h  
Game (range) 9.5–48.7 injuries/1000 h 8.7–65.9 injuries/1000 h 12.5–30.3 injuries/1000 h
Practice (range) 3.7–11.4 injuries/1000 h 1.4–5.8 injuries/1000 h 1.2–3.8 injuries/1000 h
  1. Values are lower and upper range values of injury incidence rates per 1000 h based on Junge [10], Pfirrmann et al. [11], Watson et al. [9], and López-Valenciano et al. [12]