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Table 1 Search terms

From: Solar Ultraviolet Exposure in Individuals Who Perform Outdoor Sport Activities

Search terms
Database Medline
Free text words “ultraviolet index”a
“electronic dosimeters”b
“electronic sun journal”c
“Ultraviolet Index” OR “UV Index” OR “UVI” AND “Behavior”; “Mobile”; “Email”; “App”d
((“skin cancer”/sports) OR “skin cancer” prevalence AND “sports”)e
“skin cancer” risk AND sportsf
“Nevi Count AND Sports”g
Field All fieldsa–f
Limits Language: Englisha–f
Species: Humana–f
Nonea–d, g
MeSH Usede
  1. Superscripts a–f denote the free text word search terms and their corresponding modifiers utilized in our Medline query