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Table 8 Summary conclusions and level of certainty from studies examining associations between physical fitness components and upper extremity injury in female, team ball sport players

From: The relationship between physical fitness attributes and sports injury in female, team ball sport players: a systematic review

Physical fitness components Relationships assessed from each study Summary conclusion Level of certainty
# relationships demonstrating significant association with injury # relationships demonstrating no significant association with injury n/N relationship outcome (%) Practical interpretation High, moderate, low, insufficient
Univariate analyses
Flexibility measures 2 [95], 2 [101] 4 [101], 10 [103] 4/18 (22%) No association Moderate
Muscular strength measures 3 [96] 1 [95], 7 [96] 3/11 (27%) No association Moderate
  1. Coding: n/N = number of significant associated relationships divided by total number of relationships investigated. The number of relationships is reported with the study reference number in brackets