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Table 10 Summary of included original studies investigating ‘other factors’

From: The Influence, Barriers to and Facilitators of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation Adherence and Participation: a Scoping Review

Author (year) Design Population Concepts investigated OMs Comparators
n Age (mean) Sex Activity level
Dempsey et al. (2019) [30] Mixed methods 60 29.7 M 31
F 29
Competitive (57%)
Recreational (41%)
Non-athletes (3%)
Graft type
Meniscus injury
Sessions attended BPTB or HS graft
Meniscus injury
Greenberg et al. (2018) [87] Cross-sectional 1074 N/A N/A N/A Physiotherapist practice patterns N/A N/A
Niven et al. (2012) [70] Prospective 87 29 M 65
F 28
Not stated Level and type of sport Attitudes towards ACL Rehabilitation Questionnaire Self-reported rehabilitation adherence (0–7 scale)
  1. M male, BPTB bone patella tendon bone, F female, HS hamstring, OCS orthopaedic certified specialist, SCS sport certified specialist