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Fig. 1

From: Physical Activity Reduces Epilepsy Incidence: a Retrospective Cohort Study in Swedish Cross-Country Skiers and an Experimental Study in Seizure-Prone Synapsin II Knockout Mice

Fig. 1

Animal assignment and study design. Group assignment (groups A–D) of the synapsin II knockout (SynIIKO) mice. Group A had running wheels in their home cage from 1 month of age until the end of experiment at 4.5 months of age, with 8 weeks of provocation starting at the age of 2.5 months. Group B had running wheels from 2.5 months of age (expected age of seizure onset) and throughout the 8-week provocation period. Group C had running wheels for 1 month starting at the age of 1 month, followed by 8 weeks of provocation without running wheels. Group D had running wheels for 1 month starting at the age of 1 month and were perfused at 2 months of age, before predicted seizure onset and received no provocations

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