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Fig. 3

From: Enhancing the value of accelerometer-assessed physical activity: meaningful visual comparisons of data-driven translational accelerometer metrics

Fig. 3

Translation of negative association between intensity gradient and BMI, independent of average acceleration (10-year-old children). Illustration of the physical activity profile associated with low/mid/high-intensity gradient, but similar average acceleration for a raw MX metrics ((clockwise) the most active 8 h of the day (M1/3DAY), 120 min (M120), 60 min (M60), 30 min (M30), 15 min (M15) and 5 min (M5)) and b standardised MX metrics. As the MX metrics are standardised within metric the mean = 0 (dashed black line) and SD = 1. The standardised plot (b) for children with the lowest intensity gradient is skewed to the right due to high levels of M1/3DAY and M120; this results in similar average acceleration despite low levels of M5, M15 and M30. BMI, body mass index; SD, standard deviation; Av accel, average acceleration; IG, intensity gradient; MVPA, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity

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