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Table 2 Quality assessment criteria

From: Monitoring the Athlete Match Response: Can External Load Variables Predict Post-match Acute and Residual Fatigue in Soccer? A Systematic Review with Meta-analysis

1Was the main question or objective clearly described?No Yes
2Was the study population clearly specified and defined (age, gender, training status, stated inclusion/exclusion criteria)?NoPartlyYes
3Was the sample size justified?No Yes
4Main measured variables clearly described in the Introduction or Method section?NoPartlyYes
5Locomotor activity variables clearly defined (thresholds, ranges).NoPartlyYes
6Were the validity and reliability of the main variables measurements discussed?NoPartlyYes
7Were the methods (included the statistical methods) sufficiently described to enable the study replication?NoPartlyYes
8Does the study provide estimates of the random variability in the data for the main outcomes (i.e. confidence intervals, standard deviations)?NoPartlyYes
9Were all the tested associations reported?No Yes
10Were the study limitations discussed?NoPartlyYes