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Table 1 Database search strategy

From: Monitoring the Athlete Match Response: Can External Load Variables Predict Post-match Acute and Residual Fatigue in Soccer? A Systematic Review with Meta-analysis

1.“soccer match” OR “football match”
2.“locomotor activity” OR “match activity” OR “match load” OR “external load” OR “monitoring”
3.“muscle damage” OR “creatine kinase” OR “biochemical markers”
4.“muscle performance” OR “jump” OR “strength” OR “power” OR “neuromuscular”
5.“fatigue” OR “recovery” OR “perceptual” OR “soreness” OR “perceived exertion” OR “internal load” OR “psychometric”
(1 AND 2 AND 3) OR (1 AND 2 AND 4) OR (1 AND 2 AND 5)