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Table 1 Quality assessment questions

From: The Role of Technology in Adherence to Physical Activity Programs in Patients with Chronic Diseases Experiencing Fatigue: a Systematic Review

1 Is the hypothesis/aim/objective of the study clearly described?
2 Are the characteristics of the patients included in the study clearly described?
3 Are the main findings of the study clearly described?
4 Does the study provide estimates of random variability in the data for the main outcomes (e.g., interquartile range for non-normally distributed data; standard error, standard deviation, or confidence intervals for normally distributed data)?
5 Have the actual probability values been reported (e.g., .035 rather than < .05) for the main outcomes except where the probability value is less than .001?
6 Were those subjects who were prepared to participate representative of the entire population from which they were recruited?
7 Were the staff, places, and facilities where patients were treated representative of the treatment the majority of patients receive? Was PA in line with guidelines or a program ad-hoc? Internal validity
8 Were the main outcome measures used accurate (Is the device valuated and reliable)?
9 Was this study a clinical trial?
10 Was it randomized?
11 Was it blind?
12 Did the adherence have a direct output (e.g., it did not need to be derived)?
13 Was the output of the monitor in line with guidelines?
14 Was the duration of study in line with guidelines?
15 Was there a follow-up?