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Table 7 Time to return to play of injuries (days)

From: An Analysis of Knee Injuries in Rugby League: The Experience at the Newcastle Knights Professional Rugby League Team

Type of injury Average time to RTP Median time to RTP (range)
MCL tear 19.1 14.5 (0.0–104.0)
ACL 236.0 236.0 (236.0–236.0)*
PCL/PLC 37.6 31.0 (0.0–237.0)
Chondral/meniscal 5.4 4.0 (0.0–32.0)
PFJ/extensor mechanism 37.9 0.0 (0.0–83.0)
Other/minor 2.9 0.0 (0.0–60.0)
All injuries 20.7 1.0 (0.0–237.0)
  1. RTP return to play, MCL medial collateral ligament, ACL anterior cruciate ligament, PCL/PLC posterior cruciate ligament/posterolateral corner, PFJ patellofemoral joint
  2. *2 of the 3 ACL injuries in our study had not returned to play at the time of the study; hence, the range is of a single value