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Table 2 Level of evidence, modified Coleman methodology score, and high risk of possible bias per study

From: Arthroscopic partial repair for massive rotator cuff tears: does it work? A systematic review

Study Study level Modified Coleman score (0–100) Risk of bias
Berth et al. [11] I 78 Selection, performance, detection
Cuff et al. [12] IV 56 Performance, detection, attrition
Francheschi et al. [13] III 70 Selection, performance, detection
Godenèche et al. [14] III 63 Selection, performance, attrition
Heuberer et al. [15] III 59 Selection, performance
Holtby et al. [16] III 41 Selection, performance, detection
Iagulli et al. [17] III 51 Selection, performance, attrition
Kim et al. [18] IV 53 Performance, attrition
Mori et al. [19] III 48 Selection, performance, detection, attrition
Paribelli et al. [20] II 60 Selection, performance, detection
Shon et al. [21] IV 59 Selection, performance