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Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies that examined the association of COL5A1 polymorphisms with TLI studies

From: Association of COL5A1 gene polymorphisms and risk of tendon-ligament injuries among Caucasians: a meta-analysis

K First author [R] n Year Country TLI COL5A1 Polymorphisms Tissue Sources UM BM CB Score
1 Abraham [25] 2 2013 SA/AU AT rs71746744/rs16399 Blood Yes Ag/He 8
2 Altinisik [26] 1 2015 TUR TE rs12722, rs13946 Blood Yes Ag/Sx 7
3 Brown [27] 1 2016 UK ATP rs12722/rs3196378/rs71746744 Oral Yes Ag/G 8
4 Mokone [28] 1 2006 SA ATP rs12722 Blood Yes Ag/Sx 8
5 O’Connell [29] 2 2014 SA/POL ACLR rs12722 Blood Yes Ag/Sx/We 9
6 Posthumus [30] 1 2009 SA ACLR rs12722/rs13946 Blood Yes Ag 6
7 September [31] 2 2009 SA/AU AT rs12722/rs13946/rs3196378 Blood Yes Ag/G 8
8 Stepien–Slodkowska [32] 1 2015 POL ACLR rs12722/rs13946 Oral Yes NM 9
  1. K number designation of the article, [R] reference, n number of studies per article, SA South Africa, AU Australia, TUR Turkey, UK United Kingdom, POL Poland, TLI tendon-ligament injury, AT achilles tendinopathy, TE tennis elbow, ATP achilles tendon pathology, ACLR anterior cruciate ligament rupture, rs12722 BstUI, rs13946 DpnII, UM used matching, BM basis for matching, Ag age, He height, Sx sex, G geography, We weight, NM no mention, CB Clark–Baudouin