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Table 4 Modulation of TLR2 and TLR4 after chronic resistance exercise

From: Aerobic but not Resistance Exercise Can Induce Inflammatory Pathways via Toll-Like 2 and 4: a Systematic Review

Authors Sample Disease Frequency, intensity, and duration Post-exercise results
TLR Cytokine Other
Zanchi et al. 2010 [120] Wistar rats No disease 2 days/week, 80–95% MVSC, 12 weeks ↓TLR4 ↓TNF-α ↔IL-6 ↔IL-10
↑IL-10/TNF-α ratio
Cheng et al. 2015 [116] Adults Low back pain 3 days/week, no information, 4 weeks ↓TLR4 ↓TNF-α ↓IL-6
↓IFN-γ ↓IL-1β ↓IL-8
↓NF-kBp65, ↓p53, ↑SIRT1, ↑PGC-1α, ↑PPAR-γ, ↑FoxO1, ↑FoxO3, ↑IKB, ↑SOD
Rodriguez-Miguelez et al. 2014 [119] Elderly No disease 2 days/week, 60–80% 1 RM, 8 weeks ↓TLR2, ↓TLR4 ↔TNF-α ↑IL-10 ↓MyD88, ↓p65, ↓phospho-p38/p38, ↓IKKi/IKKƐ, ↓TRIF, ↓phospho-IRF3/IRF3, ↓phospho-IRF7/IRF7, ↓Hsp60, ↑Hsp70, ↑phospho-ERK1/2, ↓CRP.
Rodriguez-Miguelez et al. 2015 [92] Elderly No disease 2 days/week, 20–35 Hz, 8 week ↓TLR2, ↓TLR4 ↓TNF-α ↑IL-10 ↓MyD88, ↓p65, ↓TRIF, ↓Hsp60, ↑Hsp70, ↓CRP
Prestes et al. 2015 [121] Elderly No disease 2 days/week, 6–14 RM, 16 weeks ↔TLR4 ↔IL-1β ↔IL-10
↔IL-1ra ↔ IL-15
↔BDNF, ↔irisin
↑functional capacity,
↑neuromuscular function,
↔body composition
Phillips et al. 2012 [8] Elderly Obesity 3 days/week, 8–12 RM, 12 weeks ↔TLR4 ↓TNF-α
↓CRP, ↓leptin, ↑LPS-IL10, ↑LPS-TNF,
↔body composition