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Fig. 1

From: Can the ability to adapt to exercise be considered a talent—and if so, can we test for it?

Fig. 1

A theoretical model illustrating inter-individual variation in performance and potential (reproduced from [8]). Here, six individuals (A–F) have differing initial performance levels (performance level range on first exposure); F has the lowest, and C has the highest. The individuals also have different ceilings to his/her performance (innate max performance range), with A having the highest potential. However, training represents the journey from baseline potential to final potential; A and E do not train, and so will never reach their ceiling. Whilst C is the current world record holder, B has the potential to outperform them—but only if B can maximize their training to drive the required response. Legend: Max = maximum; asterisk = maximum performance threshold for each individual; triangle = current performance level; black-white circle = initial performance level. Reproduced from [8]. Permission has been granted for reproduction

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