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Table 2 Studies assessing the acute effects of altitude on explosive action performance

From: Resistance Training Using Different Hypoxic Training Strategies: a Basis for Hypertrophy and Muscle Power Development

  n Procedure (n) Training level H cond. Level of hypoxia Intervention Hypoxia effects
Methodology/assessment Exercise Muscle strength F/V/P
Feriche et al. [40] 28 2 groups
Random trials
G1(17): N and HH
G2: N and NH
Well trained in judo, taekwondo, and wrestling HH
Face mask
2320 m
16% FiO2 (+10 min pre-training)
F-V curve
F-V curve
Bench press 1RM▲
1RM (ns)
Load-P max
P max (ns)
P▲ (>60% norm. 1RM)
P, V, P peak▲ (>60 kg)
Load-P max (ns)
P max (ns)
P (ns at any % 1RM)
P, V, P peak (ns at any load)
Chirosa et al. [41] 5 Random trials N and HH Physical education students HH 2320 m F-V curve
10 sets × 10 reps.
(Rest 3 min) 70% 1RM
Back squat 1RM (ns) P max (▲)
Load-P max
P, V (ns)
García-Ramos et al. [42] 18 Ramdom trials: N and HH Elite swimmers HH 2320 m F-V curve SJ   P peak
V peak
García-Ramos et al. [43] 17 N and HH Elite swimmers HH 2320 m F-V curve
Unloaded jumps
CMJ and SJ
  P 0
V 0
F 0 (ns)
P peak
V peak
F peak (ns)
Scott et al. [44] 12 Random trials N and NH Resistance trained NH
Face mask
16% FiO2
(+10 min before)
13% FiO2
(+10 min before)
80% 1RM
5 sets × 5 reps.
(Rest 3 min)
Back squat
  F (ns)
P (ns)
F peak(ns)
P peak(ns)
  1. n sample size, Procedure (sample size), N normoxia, H cond. hypoxia condition, NH normobaric hypoxia, HH hypobaric hypoxia, FiO 2 inspired fraction of oxygen, Methodology %RM (load expressed as percentage of 1 repetition maximum), sets × repetitions interset rest, F-V curve force-velocity curve, F mean force, P mean power, V mean velocity, F peak peak force, P peak peak power, V peak peak velocity, P max maximal power, Load-P max load linked to maximal power, F 0 theoretical maximal force, V 0 theoretical maximal velocity, P 0 theoretical maximal power, SJ squat jump, ▲ increase, decrease, ns non-significant change