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Table 3 Average weekly physical activity among those randomized to music playlists vs. No music control

From: Synchronized personalized music audio-playlists to improve adherence to physical activity among patients participating in a structured exercise program: a proof-of-principle feasibility study

  No music Music  
  Control ( n= 11) RAS and no RAS combined ( n= 22) P value *
Weekly estimated caloric expenditures, mean kcal (STD) 339.6 (307.2) 435.0 (407.4) <0.001
Weekly volume of total activity, mean minutes (STD) 370.2 (332.5) 475.6 (446.0) <0.001
Weekly volume of vigorous activity, mean minutes (STD) 2.22 (4.3) 8.5 (19.6) <0.001
Weekly volume of moderate activity, mean minutes (STD) 123.3 (130.9) 142.3 (142.7) 0.06
Weekly volume of light activity, mean minutes (STD) 244.7 (230.7) 324.8 (326.3) <0.001
  1. * P value tests for statistic difference between two groups (i.e. Music with or without RAS vs. Control). Weekly physical activity incorporated Generalized Linear Equations. Process and clinical outcomes incorporated the Kruskal-Wallis Test. Statistical tests for differences in categorical variables used Fishers’ Exact test. STD, standard deviation.